The Hunt For The Green Boomerang

ISBN 9789814751247

Book E-Book

Neil Humphreys


Alfie, Luke and Pacey are on a school outing to Pulau Ubin, Singapore’s greenest island. Intrigued by talk of wild animals, swamps and beaches – even a supposed Frog Island – the three brothers hop on their bicycles to discover what Pulau Ubin has to offer. Their exploration soon takes an unexpected turn when a chance encounter with a mysterious and beautiful girl results in Luke being presented with a secret scavenger map, and tasked with finding all of Pulau Ubin’s hidden treasures – before it’s too late! The Hunt for the Green Boomerang is a riveting tale of adventure, told with warmth and humour and beautifully complemented with full colour watercolour illustrations throughout. Contains extra interactive content, including a free pull-out map, a word-puzzle and a scavenger quiz!

Neil Humphreys
N.J. Humphreys moved to Singapore from the UK when he was 21 and became the country’s best-selling author with 18 titles to his name. Writing as Neil Humphreys, his The Hunt for the Green Boomerang (2016) and the Abbie Rose and the Magic Suitcase series are illustrated children’s eco-adventures, the latter about a smart, feisty girl on a mission to save endangered animals. He is currently working on the animated TV series of Abbie Rose with an international broadcaster. Similar to Abbie Rose, Princess Incognito features a vivacious heroine who is both clever and funny. His works on Singapore - from Notes from an Even Smaller Island (2001) to Saving a Sexier Island: Notes from an Old Singapore (2015) – are among the most popular titles in the past decade. His book Be My Baby (2008) chronicled his journey to parenthood and was his first international bestseller. He is also author of the thrillers, Marina Bay Sins (2014) and its sequel, Rich Kill Poor Kill (2016), as well as the football novels Match Fixer (2010) and Premier Leech (2011).

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